Humanitarian Work 

I had the privilege of going with a group of doctors and practitioners to Peru in April 2015 for a few weeks to help hundreds of people in need. (we all paid all our flights, hotel, food etc. out of our pocket).  It was a wonderful experience for me to meet and see how so many benefited from our many diverse natural medicine treatments.  I particularly liked the idea of teaching them how to use the ear tacks and seeds as a measure of self-care. I witnessed the immediate results and joy of our teaching lectures. The Peruvians were eager to learn and to help each other. It also came to me that we have so many in need of treatments right in our own backyard and for this reason, our clinic helps students and others with a sliding scale payment plan. We have never turned anyone in need away in our 12 years.

(The World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM), is an international politically and religiously neutral humanitarian non- governmental Organization (NGO).It adopts the WHO Alma Ata declaration and is a member of UN Global compact mandate.

To promote traditional medicine healthcare and self-care to underserved people and to promote humanitarian values through education.