1- Massage Far-Infra-Red-Bed with 24KCOLLAGEN Mask (most popular)
2- TCM Facial (mini) + make-up (light)
3- TCM Body FIR and/or Manual Massage  
4- Chakra Balance 
5- TCM Hand and/or Foot Herbal Moisture Treatment
6- TCM Tuina Massage+Foot/Hand Herbal Moisture Treatment
7- TCM Foot Acupressure + Herbal Foot Moisture Treatment  
8- Foot Detox+ Hand/Foot TCM Herbal Moisture Treatment    
9- TCM Acupuncture + Soft Laser OR Cosmetic Acupuncture  (+ FIR)  
10-TCM Combo  Package (FiR Massage Bed, Vibration, TCM Foot Massage/ a favorite)

(organically certified products)
(Food and Soft drinks can be arranged with hotel)

 Call us about our Spa Packages for Groups and Wedding parties,
(Women, Men and Children!)

1-Hand and Foot Deep Moisturizing Soyaffin Spa Package
2-Facial Ginseng and Collagen Spa Package
3-All Relaxation Package
4-All Rejuvenation Spa Package
5-Tailored Personal Spa Package
6-Wellness Gym NEW (see below)                                                    (Keep scrolling down to see all our packages and prices!)
1-FIR Massage Bed (far infrared - heat Jade stone massager)
2- LASER for Beauty and Pain
3-Whole Body Vibration developed by NASA, (10 miniutes = 1 hour workout!),
4-Hula Chair (like Hawaiian or belly dancers, working the abdominal and thigh muscles while you sit)
5-Foot Reflexologer - reflexology with this device, strong stimulation, perhaps stronger than a reflexologist
6-Sauna ,....and much more,....





Basic Beauty


Pamper Packages
essential oils and certified organic products only


       Bliss  155.00   (2 hrs)

Gym, FIR Massage or Acupuncture, Mini-Facial, Foot Massage or Treatment

              Diva   220.00     (2 1/2 hrs)

FIR Massage, Facial, Spa Foot Treatments and Reflexology   

               Goddess  189.99  (2  hours)
Hand/Foot Treatment, FIR Massage, Hydrating Facial, Make-Up

              Venus and Mars 399.99  (2 1/2 hrs)

Hand/Foot Treatment, O-zone Facial, FIR Massage,  Acupuncture


                  Shamanic Passage  195.00   (90 min)

Sauna, Chakra Balance, Acupuncture, Sound Medicine (etc)


Wellness Packages


                Slimming  130    (90 min)

½ hr exercise (optional), Sauna, Body Wrap, Patches, Acupuncture

Consultation Coach, Herbal Supplements and Tea


         Detox   190  (2 hrs)

Sauna (optional), Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Face and Body)

Patches, Acupuncture, Consultation Coach, Herbal Supplements and Tea


(Bookings need to be made ahead of time)

(Discounts and Savings for Courses of 10 or more

(24 hr cancellation notice or charged to room)

(Gifts and Gift Certificates Available)

(Flexible Hours)